By Ronny A. Hernández Mora

July 2, 2019

rTLS is an R package to that compiles a series of tools to process and calculate metrics on point clouds derived from Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLS), also know as Terrestrial-Light Detection and Ranging (T-LiDAR).


rTLS goal is to provide a single environment to process point clouds as fast as it can be done. That it is why the rTLS coding has been evolving using different packages. The current code has been enhanced using C++ language through Rcpp and RcppArmadillo packages, and most of the time-consuming processed can be run using for parallel computing through OpenMP.


For this package I was involved helping how to take several functions into an R package, the GitHub workflow and the CRAN submission process.

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July 2, 2019
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